Video Games

The specifics of business in the creation of computer games

Computer games refer to special programs for organizing the gameplay process. The digital product is created on the basis of books, films, author's stories. The program is played on the screen of a TV, smartphone, computer.

The creation and promotion of купить квартиру от застройщика computer games is a specific type of business. Entrepreneurial activity on the basis of software development involves registration of the company, protection of copyright for ideas and concepts, further implementation of the product.

This is a developing and profitable activity, accompanied by entrepreneurial risks. With a competent approach, the development of a business plan, the selection of experienced professionals, cooperation with publishers, the organization of a marketing campaign, the development of computer video games will bring a high income.

The market is developing, characterized by a high level of competition. The volume of profits of the global industry exceeds 150 billion dollars annually. In 2021 was fixed at 175 billion dollars. In the future, profit growth of at least 10% per year is predicted. Receiving income from the development of video games is available to large teams of web designers and novice programmers who use designers.


The process of creating computer games involves the registration of copyright to the intellectual property of the developers. Code, characters, soundtrack, storyline should be protected from copying and other unauthorized use.

Each type of intellectual property should be registered successively at the stages of development. Creative solutions, digital technology, and storylines are improving in the game industry. The innovations introduced in the games also require copyright registration. If the content is not legally protected, it can be difficult to commercialize the project.

Intellectual rights are registered by individual developers and large companies. First, the objects for property protection are defined: videos, texts, images, visual images, character models.

Analysts note the high competition in the creation of computer games. Large companies have a multi-million audience. The situation is complicated by the lack of geographical reference of developers and users to specific regions. However, the market is characterized by stable development, so the creation and promotion of new digital projects is available.

Competitors for aspiring entrepreneurs with products in the field of game development will also be major brands in the industry. Before starting a business, it is recommended to analyze the market, proposals from notable players and create a sought-after author's concept of a video game.

The business of producing special games for mobile devices is in demand. Leaders in the industry are recognized:

Electronic Arts. The company's annual revenues are in the billions of dollars. Popular video games include Need for Speed, UFC, Little Big Adventure. The company also develops games for mobile devices: Madden Rivals, Iron Force, FIFA Mobile.

Imangi Studios. A large digital product development company specializing in family games. Popular Max Adventures, Little Red Sled, Temple Run are released under the brand name.

Code writing. The development of the game concept is followed by the writing of the program code. This is the task of programmers. Text and graphics are superimposed on the basis, forming the interface, introducing game mechanics. Digital code involves the use of two- and three-dimensional objects, creating models of the environment, characters, the integration of sounds, video. At this stage, choose a game engine for the format of the product and the anticipated load.

On today's video game market products prepared for mobile devices are in the highest demand. Therefore it is recommended to focus on the sphere mobile when creating a game. It is possible to increase the demand for the product by adapting the video game for PC, game consoles, Mac, create VR and browser versions.

Video game ideas are transformed into a software product after a prototype is created. The rough draft of the project can be used to demonstrate it to a potential audience, investors, collect feedback from testers, and search for flaws.

Game mechanics. The next stage is to develop and implement game mechanics into the product. Computer video games with a wide range of graphic features, functions for the characters are very popular. To improve the behavior of computer characters working through artificial intelligence.

Next, you need to build and control system of the characters, to link their actions, game animation to the mouse and keyboard buttons on the PC, to the buttons on mobile devices.

Artistic design. Graphic designers and artists are engaged in drawing the environment, characters and other details of the digital project. After the work is completed, program code and visual design are combined. Programmers perform optimization of the game engine, digital images, animation under the technical requirements of the project.