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Emergence Entertainment is committed to creating cutting-edge unscripted television.

Emergence is repped by WME (William Morris Endeavor) and has set up 21 unscripted programs at premier production companies all over town, including “Hang Men,” a full series which was acquired by Discovery.

Mark Kratter is a member of the Television Academy.

The first necessary stage in the implementation of the idea of a feature film is the creation of the script - its literary basis, which defines the theme, plot, issues, characters of the main characters. For more than a century of cinema history script has passed its way of development from the "script on the cuffs", which briefly described the plot of the future movie, to a special literary genre - film dramaturgy. A literary script can be either original or an adaptation of an existing literary work. Nowadays scripts have an independent value, they are published in magazines and special collections intended for reading. But in the first place, creating his work, the screenwriter assumes its embodiment on the screen. In order to keep the viewer's attention, the script must follow some general rules that take into account the viewer's psychology.

Any film, regardless of its genre, can be conditionally divided into three parts:

  • Exposition, where the viewer is introduced to the main character or characters,
  • the complication, the largest part of the film, containing the obligatory scene, and the
  • the climax, followed by the finale.
The work on the script is carried out in three stages:

  • literary,
  • screenplay,
  • director's script.
The screenplay is written by a screenwriter, often with the participation of a producer and director, who are often co-authors of the screenplay.

In addition to artistic moments here it is necessary to take into account the duration of the film, that is, strictly limit the volume of the script.

For example, a one-episode film lasts about 90 minutes, which amounts to 2,500-2,700 meters of film. The script for such a film must fit in about 80 pages of typewritten text and contain from four to five thousand words of dialogue.

Then a literary script, adapting to the conditions of the movie, transformed into a screenplay, where the descriptive part is reduced, the dialogue is clearly prescribed, determined by the ratio of images and audio. Here the dramaturgical part is developed by scenes and episodes, and staged development of the action is based on the objects of the shooting. Each new scene is written on a separate page, which will later facilitate the work in establishing their sequence in the development of the plot. In addition, the screenplay undergoes production editing. This is necessary to determine the length of the film, the number of scenes, pavilion scenery, the number of actors, the organization of expeditions and much more. Without this, it is impossible to calculate the financial cost of film production.